Handy Tips to Maintain Your Washing Machine

Household Material Repair Tips

It’s a really great idea to perform some preventative maintenance on your washing machine to make sure it lasts as long as possible. This will also help prevent you from needing to call an appliance repair specialist more than you’d prefer. If you need to, you can always contact us for appliance repair.

However, try these simple things to reduce the likelihood you’ll need a service call for your washing machine.

A. Check the hoses that came with your washing machine because sometimes they can leak or burst. You should, periodically, check the hoses for signs of wear or weakening in the plastic. If you get in the habit of doing this, you might find that there is a small blister-like bubble that can burst. If you see that, replace the hose (but don’t forget to shut the water off before unhooking the hose. If you don’t water could go anywhere and if its hot, it might burn or scald someone, so be careful).

B. Consider switching plastic hoses to stainless steel hoses.

C. Make sure the washing machine is level and all 4 feet touch the floor. If not, its probably why you hear your washing machine banging around, shaking violently or even moving around the floor. This is really hard on the parts in the washer and causes a lot of ‘internal bleeding.

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