Kitchen Appliances Can Be Dangerous If Misused

Electricians Tips

Every now and then, it’s wise to refresh yourself on some basic safety tips, especially when it comes to those big electrical appliances in the kitchen. Some precautions may just be reminders, but you might also learn something new to work into your overall household safety routine.

Hot Hot Heat

Any appliance that generates heat must be handled with caution, and few appliances generate as much heat as your oven and stove. One of the most important safety rules in this part of the kitchen is to always be prepared to put out a fire. That means making sure a fire extinguisher is always handy for out-of-control blazes, and keeping the baking soda close to extinguish grease fires. Using water will only cause grease fires to spread!

The most common injury related to the stove and oven is a contact burn, so you should always keep a first aid kit stocked nearby. Use thick, dry potholders to handle hot items, and exercise extra caution when small children are nearby. The handles of pots and pans should all be turned toward the center of the stove, since children can pull them down if they face outward.

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