How to Deal with Rust in Water?

General Plumbing Tips

Do you have the problem of rusty water in your home? Rust may be causing the shower or faucet water to look dirty. The source may be within your home or it may be coming from the water supply system. if you are facing this issue, you should consider the following things to fix it.

Find the Source of Rust
Rust can enter your water from various sources. The commonly found causes include:
• Breakage in the water main
• Rusty water pipes
• Sediments in the water supply

If rust appears only in the hot water, there may be a problem in the water heater. If it appears in cold water too, it can be a sign that there is rusting or corrosion inside the pipes. If it is a recent problem that appeared suddenly, it may be due to some work in the neighborhood that may have damaged the water main.

Is it Rust?
It is also important to determine if the debris in the water is rust or something else. Rusty water will mostly give off a metallic scent and it will have a reddish brown appearance. It is going to create reddish brown stains on porcelain.

How to Deal with Rusty Water?
You should call your plumber if you notice any kind of debris in the water. If the pipes have corroded, it is best to replace the appropriate section. If it is the water heater, you may have to consider replacing it. Once corrosion sets in, it is not possible to reverse it. It will keep worsening over time.
The amount of damage caused by rusty water is going to depend on the severity of the problem. It can stain the porcelain in the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. It can also stain your linens. It can also increase the risk of health hazards. So the moment you find rust in water, you should get the help of a plumber.

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