Malfunctioning Appliances Can Cause Electrical Damage

Electricians Tips

When one of your appliances starts showing signs of disrepair, you might think the trouble is confined to that appliance only. But that’s not necessarily true — there are some ways in which a faulty appliance can send surges of electricity into your home’s electrical system, and the resulting damage can range from a tiny bit of wear and tear on other appliances to a destructive electrical fire.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?
When a fizzling appliance sends a significant burst of electricity into your electrical system, your circuit breaker should trip. If you weren’t expecting this, a tripped circuit breaker may be your earliest sign that something is wrong.It’s also an important safety mechanism designed to prevent further electrical damage, so you shouldn’t just flip the breaker back on while ignoring the root cause. Doing so will only create more opportunities for electrical damage.

Even with the protection of your circuit breakers, malfunctioning appliances can potentially cause you problems in three ways: surge damage, physical damage and fire damage.

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