What are the Common Issues with Water Heaters?

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If your water heater is not heating water properly, there could be many underlying reasons for the problem. Many times homeowners get lukewarm water and are unable to determine whether to call for a plumber or not. There could be many reasons for such issues and you should call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

1. Popping Sounds
If the water heater is giving popping sounds, you should get the plumber to ‘flush’ it. It is usually a sign that there is sediment buildup and occurs in areas that have hard water. The minerals deposit at the bottom of the tank and water can get trapped under this layer. When the water changes into steam on heating and creates a sound when the layer is pushed up. This will also make your water heater more inefficient, increasing the cost of operation.

2. Tripping Circuit Breaker
Many homeowners have electric water heaters that keep tripping the circuit breaker. If this problem persists, you should stop using the appliance and call your plumber. Most people would reset the breaker and think of replacing it with a new one with higher rating. Instead, you should get the heater checked for the root cause of the problem. Only when the plumber finds no fault with the device should you get an electrician’s help to check the electrical circuit.
If the problem is the water heater, the underlying issues can be associated with the following:
• Wiring
• Heating element
• Thermostat

3. Leaks
This is also a problem that is often faced by water heater owners. If you notice water dripping down, you should find out if it is a leakage or condensation. If it is a leak, you should call a plumber. The problem may be as simple as a lose valve or as complex as tank corrosion.
So these are the common water heater issues. If you are facing any of these problems you should call a professional to check and fix the appliance instead of handling it yourselves.

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