4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Toilet

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A damaged or improperly working toilet, it cane frustrating for you and your family. However, it can be difficult for most homeowners to determine when it’s time to replace the toilet. So what are the signs that indicate that your toilet is beyond repair and needs to be replaced?

1. Leaking Cracks
Many times cracks can appear that keep leaking water. Cracks may appear in the tank or bowl. One of the signs is the sound of constant running water from the toilet. Another way to check cracks and leaks is to put dyed water into the tank or bowl. If it runs to the floor, you should immediately get the toilet replaced.

2. Frequent Clogging
A clogged toilet is not uncommon, but if it happens frequently, you should consider replacing it. This is a common issue with the older low-flush toilets. If it gets clogged every week, you should get it replaced. Sometimes the clogs are random and seem to be odd. You should again consider replacing it.

3. Frequent or Major Repairs
If your toilet needs to be repaired often, you should again consider replacing it. Frequent repairs are going to add up costs over the years. It will be both convenient and economically sensible to get a new toilet. Sometimes, you may have a major toilet repair. In that case, it will be best to replace the toilet instead of paying for the big repair.

4. Mineral Deposits
If you notice build-up of mineral deposits in the toilet, you should consider replacing it. The build-up occurs due to the presence of minerals in the water. It can affect not just the appearance, but also the toilet’s functioning. Instead of removing the buildup yourselves, it is best to replace the toilet.
Some of the other reasons for replacing your toilet include wobbling, damages, and an old toilet. The latest toilets are more efficient than their older counterparts, and can save more water.

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